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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the deepest integrations of SpeedTree for Games that we’ve seen. CD Projekt Red utilized all aspects of our SDK as well as our modeling software to develop an incredible biodiversity that spans from marshlands to highlands to murky aquatic biomes.  With the release of the final (maybe) chapter in […]

SpeedTree for Games Subscription Modeler Update 7.1.5 We’ve updated the SpeedTree modeler to correct an important issue that can cause a black triangle to appear in a model using bifurcation as well as a persistent bug that could keep kick users out of the program. For more info on updates and bug fixes visit our documentation […]

We’ve got a new set of models for all active subscribers to our Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 SpeedTree Modeler. Each model comes in either a Hero, Desktop, or Mobile resolution. These assets will include all the variations (Fall, Winter, Summer) as well as any leaf map makers associated with that model.  Once you’ve downloaded […]

We’ve got a second set of trees now live on our SpeedTree store, on sale for a limited time. We’ll be releasing a whole crop of new trees over the next few weeks so keep a close eye on our Twitter, Facebook and blog! All models include tuned wind, LODs, multiple variations and all the leaf […]