We’ve had a great year thanks to all of our amazing SpeedTree Users. As a thank-you, we’re offering a coupon for 25% off a purchase from our store as well as the return of the free Christmas Speedtree! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Coupon Code:  Holidays2015 Coupon valid for single use until 2/1/2016 Free Christmas […]

We’ve added four new varieties of ground cover plants to our SpeedTree store that range from the shrubbery to the cultivated cash crops.  These models come with multiple variations each in different resolutions to work in as many different projects as possible. Whether you are working on an arch/viz render that needs some greenery for an apartment […]

SpeedTree at Sea A top end-of-year oscar contenders, In The Heart of The Sea is making a splash at theatres today and features SpeedTree technology.  Although as the title suggests, much of the movie takes place in the oceans off the coast of South America,  Rodeo VFX used Academy Award winning SpeedTree Cinema for the moments […]

What a year! The Game Awards 2015 helps bring this phenomenal year of gaming to a close by recognizing the great games being made by both indie and AAA studios.  Judged by an international jury of peers the ceremony in features 22 categories that cover the breadth of the industry, with categories ranging from ‘E-sport Player […]

We’re celebrating CyberMonday with a heaping serving of a discount on our entire store!  Use the coupon code below at checkout to grab a 20% discount off of all our trees and tree packages. Sale ends tonight (11/30/15) at midnight est! SPEEDTREECYBERMONDAY2015 This includes favorites such as our Hero Tree Package, which is perfect for Arch/Viz […]

  Monthly Bonus Content November is here and we’re celebrating with a whole new batch of free SpeedTrees for our Subscribers. Each model comes in either a Hero, Desktop, or Mobile resolution. These assets will include all the variations (Fall, Winter, Summer) as well as any leaf map makers associated with that model.  Once you’ve downloaded these […]

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the second Assassins Creed title to use SpeedTree for Games taking the critically acclaimed combination of conspiracy, parkour, and swords and continuing the fight for freedom on the streets of London. Building on the Assassin’s Creed legacy of recreating architecturally accurate and stunning historical locations, Ubisoft Quebec has brought to life an incredible […]

Three major films this October feature our Emmy and Academy Award-winning SpeedTree technology to bring vivid new worlds to life. Crimson Peak Guillermo Del Toro’s films can be separated into two categories, the English language monster flicks (Hellboy, Pacific Rim), and his more serious foreign films (Pans Labyrinth, Devils Backbone, Cronos) that tend carefully explore […]

Monthly Bonus Content October 1 marks the second month of our SpeedTree Subscription Bonuses and we’ve got three models that will be available for any user with an active subscription. Each model comes in either a Hero, Desktop, or Mobile resolution. These assets will include all the variations (Fall, Winter, Summer) as well as any leaf map […]