Updated February 26, 2013 With the 2012 Oscars® now in the history books, it’s a good time to point out how SpeedTree® has played a part in several major productions recently recognized for excellence in visual effects. Check out the winning and nominated films/studios that have used SpeedTree to help create lifelike animated trees and vegetation […]

We’re pleased to share that fxphd, an online training school for post-production visual effects, and motion graphics, is now offering a course on several SpeedTree v6 animation products taught by the award-winning VFX supervisor at Brainstorm Digital, Eran Dinur.  The course, PNT205: 3D Plants and Digital Environments, will guide participants working with SpeedTree and VFX software in […]

cmiVFX, which makes and markets detailed tutorials for visual effects artists around the world, has developed a 2-hour, 50-minute SpeedTree® tutorial for creating digital trees and forests. “The days of using turtle equations for the sole purpose of creating branches and leaves are all but a memory when you have access to IDV’s SpeedTree Modeler,” […]

The SpeedTree® real-time/games pipeline involves three major components: SpeedTree Modeler: This is where video game animation artists create and edit vegetation models, in real-time or cinematic resolutions. In the Games version, LODs and wind are tuned in using an animated WYSIWYG window that mirrors the run-time SDK’s behavior. SpeedTree Compiler: Takes the models saved in […]

Despite the name Speed “Tree” you may be surprised to see the creative ways that artists are using our toolkit do more than just make trees.  In fact, SpeedTree can be used in conjunction with other 3D tools to model and render all kinds of crazy stuff, from Kudzu animal sculptures to headless haunted creatures […]

Add this to the long list of historic SpeedTree firsts: SpeedTree Cinema was there for the first movie shot entirely on green screen in the Philippines. Tik Tik, The Aswang Chronicles, released on October 17, 2012, simply wouldn’t have been possible without our special effects software, according to Dave Yu, CEO of Philippines movie production […]