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Least Used/Understood Modeling Features As we have added features and capabilities to the SpeedTree Modeler through the years, an increasing number of customers have asked for help in getting the most out of our software. Some users want to create that one perfect tree from concept art. Others want to reduce polys, make initial tree […]

Flaming Trees in Far Cry® 4 When people are considering using SpeedTree in a game, they often ask us questions like these:  Can SpeedTree destroy trees?  Knock them over?  Burn them?  The answer: “Well, no.  But it can help.” Destruction requires a high level of interaction between the SpeedTree asset and other parts of the […]

No software is 100% bug-free, so occasionally you’re going to run into one. But invariably, it will happen right when you’re in crunch mode and absolutely need to get things done. It’s preventing you from doing something important, so of course you go looking for help. You know the routine because it happens all too […]

The SpeedTree® real-time/games pipeline involves three major components: SpeedTree Modeler: This is where video game animation artists create and edit vegetation models, in real-time or cinematic resolutions. In the Games version, LODs and wind are tuned in using an animated WYSIWYG window that mirrors the run-time SDK’s behavior. SpeedTree Compiler: Takes the models saved in […]

In Los Angeles this week? If so, please pay a visit to the IDV team in Booth #244 at SIGGRAPH 2012 (August 7-9, Los Angeles Convention Center).  Not only does the world’s largest computer graphics conference promise to be better than ever this year, but this will also be the first time we’ve shown our […]