SpeedTree for Games Subscription Modeler Update 7.1.5

We’ve updated the SpeedTree modeler to correct an important issue that can cause a black triangle to appear in a model using bifurcation as well as a persistent bug that could keep kick users out of the program. For more info on updates and bug fixes visit our documentation page at: http://docs.speedtree.com/doku.php?id=what_s_new

 Bug Fixes

1. Bifurcation Web Angle
Fixed an issue where the normals and tangents were lining up in the bifurcation web area causing shader crashes in Unity and UE4.

2. Modeler In Use On Another Computer
Fixed an issue with the subscription Modeler where on rare occasions it would kick the user out of the Modeler and report that the Modeler was being used on another computer.

To download a new version of the subscription simply visit your dashboard by logging in to your account at  Store.SpeedTree.com