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We first featured a screenshot and video from Adam Goodrich over a year ago after some screenshots featuring SpeedTree ended up winning some contests on a few forums. These ended up being early prototypes of Gaia, a tool that would become one of the top sellers on the Unity Asset Store. The latest release features powerful SpeedTree integration for procedural foliage placement. It’s such a good tool that we have added it to our SpeedTree store to ensure that Unity 5 SpeedTree users have access to the best tools for learning and developing .

Gaia acts as a nexus for some of the most popular tools in the Unity community, including Tenkoku Dynamic Sky, Aquas, Distingo terrain shader, and more.  This allows gaia to act as a learning tool for new users to quickly implement their assets using friendly presets.  For the advanced users, the spawners allow you to create a system adapted exactly to your needs.   For SpeedTree, this means that our different packages will have extensions that feature recipes for procedural placement that make sense according to the species.

Gaia is going to be at GDC this year featured both in the Unity booth on the exhibition floor and we’ll be using it to demo SpeedTree in Unity 5, so be sure to stop by and say hi to Adam!

Gaia can be found on our store here, or if you’d prefer, on the Unity Asset Store.

Need more Trees? Use the code GDC2016 for 35% off our SpeedTree store and follow our twitter for Unity Flash sales!

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