The long anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has battled it’s way to a massive international box office opening. Directed by Zach Snyder and featuring a heavyweight cast, including Ben Affleck taking on the mantle of the Dark Knight (to much acclaim). The epic showdown features a massive amount of special effects to painstakingly recreate the intensity and feel of some of DC’s classic graphic novels. With multiple SpeedTree customers working on the VFX, it is perhaps inevitable that  our Academy Award-winning technology found its way onto the streets of Gotham and Metropolis.

Although much of the trailers have showcased dark gritty battles on uninhabited islands (or post-workday downtown centers), the film tactfully counters the concrete and metal urban centers with the more pastoral settings of both Bruce Wayne’s and Clark Kent’s family homes.  Scanline VFX informed us that they had used SpeedTree Cinema while working on the film last year, and it’s great to finally see it hit the big screen.

Despite a less than positive reception from critics, Dawn of Justice is a hit among fans and is on track to break box office records.  Personally, we loved it and highly recommend seeing it on the biggest screen possible (I’m headed to an Imax for a second viewing).

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