Zombies and SpeedTree

Madfinger Games have created some of the best selling mobile shoot-em-ups including the Dead Trigger and Shadow Gun series. Unkilled, their new zombie first person shooter, boasts some of the most robust graphics available on mobile and was built with Unity 5.  This zombie and gun-filled romp through New York takes full advantage of SpeedTree’s integration into the Unity Engine.  The trees that fill New York’s urban landscape flutter convincingly in the wind using the same SpeedTree wind effects that come with all our models (purchased or created with our subscription).  This movement in the background add a significant amount of life to what might otherwise be static environments and is worth checking out.

If you’re you’ve got an itchy trigger finger, enjoy zombie shoot-em-ups or just want to check out what is now possible with mobile games be sure to download Unkilled.  It can be found at the top of the charts with 1.5 million downloads on Android or iOs.

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Check out the launch trailer below