Monthly Bonus Content

October 1 marks the second month of our SpeedTree Subscription Bonuses and we’ve got three models that will be available for any user with an active subscription. Each model comes in either a Hero, Desktop, or Mobile resolution. These assets will include all the variations (Fall, Winter, Summer) as well as any leaf map makers associated with that model.  Once you’ve downloaded these assets they will be yours to use whether you maintain the subscription or not. Each month will include a hero model, a desktop model, and a mobile model.

October Bonus Content


Hero Resolution: Chinese Banyan (2 models & 1 leaf map maker)

Desktop Resolution: Amur Cork(3 models & 7 leaf map makers,)

Mobile Resolution: Azalea (3 models & 2 leaf map makers)

15% Off Our SpeedTree Store

Our store is constantly growing and offers a variety of packages and individual trees. Now with an active subscription to our modeler you can get 15% off our models to use as a starting point for new species or simply to fill your world with unlimited variations of the foliage of your choice. Our models come with artist-tuned wind and LOD effects as well as multiple seasons and variations for any project. (Learn more about what makes our SpeedTree’s special for UE4 or Unity 5)

If you are already a subscriber, you can take advantage of this discount simply by logging into our store.

If you aren’t already a subscriber, head over to our store to get your subscription for just $19 dollars a month  stop or start at any time and keep all the assets that you’ve created.

Unity 5 Subscription  and Bonus Content

UE4 Subscription and Bonus Content

2 thoughts on “October Subscription Modeler Perks

  1. Stephen Rider says:

    As a Speedtree Studio owner I’m left scratching my head: should I get a subscription to UE4/U5 and get these models? Will they work? Why does it seem like every other month a UE4/U5 sale is going on whereas there hasn’t been a sale for the non-gaming side of Speedtree in years?

    • Danny Oakes says:

      Hey Stephen! The free models value adds up to more than the cost of the subscription itself, so if you do any work in Unity 5 and Ue 4 it’s worth it. However, the discount only applies to UE4/U5 products.

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