Shroud of The Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a forthcoming game from the creator of the Ultima series Richard Garriott, Starr Long, the director of Ultima Online, and Tracy Hickman, the author of Dragonlance.  Now, fair warning, there are some people in this office who cut their gaming teeth on the Ultima series starting with Ultima II. To say that we’re excited that to be working with this talented studio is an understatement.

The game has moved into Unity 5,  where it will use the power of the new engine to feature deep character building, single player offline play, player driven economy and more.  They were kind enough to share some of the latest screenshots from environments where they’ve begun replacing trees with SpeedTrees (See below).

You can jump in the world they are building now by pledging $45 and gaining early access.  Be sure to follow their blog as well for updates and announcements as development continues. We’re looking forward to seeing this game grow as one more example of great games being made with Unity 5!

Also, be sure to check out what’s so exciting about SpeedTree in Unity

SotA_forest_03 SotA_Mountains_03 SotA_Mountains_05 (1) SotA_spectral_01 SotA_vertas_01