The return to Isla Nublar brings with it more tech innovations than just some dinosaurs they cooked up in a lab.  Industrial Light & Magic made extensive use of SpeedTree to create the jungle landscapes of Jurassic World which serves as a reboot/sequel of the original classic.

The original Jurassic Park served as a watershed moment for CGI in movies as they pioneered new techniques to bring dinosaurs back from extinction to the movie theaters. Jurassic World promises to up the level of spectacle and wow factor by taking place in an open and functioning (for now) dinosaur amusement park featuring a fully functional tram system, trained Velociraptors, and a Mosasaurus eating great white sharks to the delight of a crowd.  They clearly spared no expense to bring John Hammond’s dream to life.  Of course something will no doubt go wrong which leads to Chris Pratt assembling his raptor motorcycle gang to restore order to the park.

Director Colin Treverrow is best known for his indie flick Safety Not Guaranteed and is directing crowd favorites Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas-Howard in what is sure to be one of the most entertaining movies of the summer. Check out the trailer below and keep an eye on our blog for more on SpeedTree in the movies.


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