Integration of SpeedTree into UE4 and Unity 5 has allowed thousands of developers to access the Academy Award winning tools used by AAA developers and major VFX studios and the results have been amazing.  We want to take a moment to highlight some of great work coming out of these communities and show off what SpeedTree can do in very talented hands:

Koola- Unreal Engine 4 and SpeedTree

Using a keen eye for tone, lighting, and composition, veteran UE4 forum poster Koola continues to release stunning landscapes using SpeedTree. Working out of the latest 4.7 preview, each of Koola’s scenes ratchet up the realism and complexity,  and every time he releases a new screenshot or video it lights up Twitter feeds across the globe.  Visit the forum thread here to find out more about his work.




Koola’s Flickr

Koola’s YouTube

Adam GoodrichUnity 5 and SpeedTree

Adam’s work came to light after he won two screenshot contests at once for his experimentation with procedurally generated scenes within Unity 5 and his work keeps getting more impressive.  We can’t wait to see what comes out of Unity 5 once it’s finally out of beta.  In the mean time, check out his work below and keep your eye out for more SpeedTree and Unity 5 in the future.





Adam Goodrich Twitter