4 Scary Trees, 7 New Trees, and Introducing: Tree Packs!

SpeedTree for Unreal Engine 4 Subscription was launched on July 16, to much cheering and clapping of hands.

Three months later, it’s time for us to give back. So we’re launching a sale of our four scariest models, seven newest models, and something we’ve never done before: Tree Packs!

From now until Halloween (October 31) head on over to our UE4 online store for the following savings (all in US Dollars):

Haunted_Tree_blogScary Trees
In honor of Halloween, our four scariest models are on sale at the scariest prices we could come up with:

Tree Packs
tree-pack-blogIn response to popular demand, this is something completely new: packs of trees and plants at a single resolution! Need a variety of desktop-resolution trees to populate a mountain or two? Focusing on grass & ground cover in the next level of your mobile game? These one-click collections give you what you need in a hurry, with just one resolution level, at prices well below what you’ll pay for our standard three-resolution models.

Tree Packages. Nine trees, at least three models per tree, both broadleaf and conifer, from various continents, terrain types, and season:

Ground Cover Packages. Grasses, weeds, ferns and more, a total of 9 species, with plenty of variation. Hide the dirt on any continent and add depth and richness to your project:

New Trees
Our artists have been busy! Seven new trees and plants have been added to our store in recent weeks, and all of them are on sale at one-third off the regular price:

Enjoy the sale!


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