When we announced SpeedTree® support for Unity 5 at GDC, there were three major points we wanted to make:

  • The SpeedTree run-time will be free to all Unity 5 customers, free and pro. This means that Unity will load and render SpeedTree files right out of the box, complete with smooth LOD and our wind algorithm.
  • AAA SpeedTree models will be available on the Unity Asset Store when Unity 5 launches.
  • Unity 5 users may purchase a license of SpeedTree Modeler for Unity 5 at $495/seat for creating their own trees or editing those they purchase from the asset store.

In what we hope is welcome news, when Unity 5 ships, instead of $495/seat, we will offer the SpeedTree Modeler application as a subscription at $19/month. These subscriptions will be tied to a user, not a machine, essentially acting as a floating license.

We’ll be sharing a lot more as we get closer to the release of Unity 5.  If have you have any questions or suggestions, or would like to be contacted with the latest updates about SpeedTree for Unity, contact us at

We will also be at Unite in Seattle this year. Please stop by our booth to see the latest!

EDIT: Clarified our new Modeler pricing.