It’s always exciting for us to see how SpeedTree® users create amazing natural landscapes.  We develop these tools and then let the imagination and skills of the visual effects community do what they do best.  A member of this community sharing valuable VFX tools and training is instructor, owner and Chief Public Partner Chris Maynard at  Chris just announced development of a new cmiVFX training video series that includes SpeedTree Cinema v7.

This new tutorial series called 3D Environments Materclass, will show how to use the latest tools and pipeline for rendering, modeling and compositing detailed natural environment, and we’re proud to see SpeedTree as one of the primary software products featured, along with Clariesse, Piranha, and Terragen™.  Check out the video preview of the series below:

This tutorial demonstrates SpeedTree’s ability to create realistic environments – close up or at a distance – by modeling, animating and exporting trees into multiple pipelines  As he creates forests in the lesson, Chris makes creative use of  our tree library and WYSIWYG tree modeler.

To see how Chris Maynard is using SpeedTree and other programs, head on over to, where you can subscribe and learn about many tools and techniques for cinematic visual effects.  Of course we also have several SpeedTree tutorial videos of our own that highlight features and methods used by the pros.