We’ve struggled with this decision in the past and finally made the move to online docs this time around with the release of v7.0.  This may be an unwelcome decision to some of you, but the benefit of easily getting documentation updates to everyone put us over the edge.


Why the change?
Previously, our options have been to either put out an update for the whole package or release documentation updates separately.  The problem with both approaches is that you still have to wait for sufficient changes to accumulate before you make the updates. Then, getting the updates to everyone requires action on the user’s behalf that we would rather they not have to make.  Plus, how would our users know an update has happened without some way of notifying them?

So, our docs are online now and if you want to take a look, go to docs.speedtree.com.  We went with DokuWiki and it’s working out well so far (we’ve already made dozens of updates since 7.0’s release).  We’ll be monitoring opinions on this switch and we hope the more current docs make up for the occasional hiccups.

2 thoughts on “New Documentation for Version 7: Online vs. Local

  1. Forester says:

    I like the idea, and setting up a bookmark for the Doc has be quite easy.

    If we have some editorial comments to make on the doc, what is the best way to pass those to you?

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