SIGGRAPH 2013 logoIf you’re planning to be at SIGGRAPH 2013 (July 23-25, Anaheim Convention Center), we invite you to come to the SpeedTree® booth and get a first look at one of the biggest tech leaps we’ve presented at a conference in quite a while.

This will include a preview of version 7 of SpeedTree Cinema and SpeedTree Studio. New features include . . .

  • Tree trunk by SpeedTreeSubdivision Surfaces: Create procedurally generated subdivision surface models suitable for hero shot pipelines.
  • Alembic Export: Easy export of cached SpeedTree models into the open Alembic framework (.abc) for exchanging animated scene data with popular DCC platforms like Maya®, Houdini and Cinema 4D.
  • Animated Growth: A cool new feature that animates simulated growth of trees and plants, while putting total control in the artist’s hands.

A Glimpse of Exciting New Tech . . .
We’ll also be previewing a new technology for rendering forests that can be used with compositing applications.

Please stop by our SIGGRAPH 2013 exhibit at Booth #358 (Hall C), or email us at to schedule an appointment.

One thought on “Preview SpeedTree® Cinema/Studio 7 at SIGGRAPH Booth #358

  1. keith sheppard says:

    please include quad export in studio version. it is kinda silly that it isn’t cause in 2013, I can take any tri mesh into blender ( a free program) or many other dcc packages and convert to quads in one click…. so it’s not like this is some special algorithm only available to speetree software. It would make your studio version alot more attractive to users.

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