If you saw LocoCycle previewed at last month’s E3, you already know it’s a uniquely fun and crazy game featuring an escaped motorcycle named I.R.I.S., dragging (yes, literally dragging) her Spanish-speaking mechanic over countless highways and a variety of outdoor environments.  LocoCycle will be one of the first game titles available on the new Xbox One platform at launch. This title will also be available on Xbox® 360 and perhaps other platforms yet to be announced.

Take a look at a recent LocoCycle preview trailer, as seen in the video below:

According to the developer, Twisted Pixel Games, LLC, SpeedTree® for Games was used extensively to model and integrate a wide range of trees into the many natural landscapes and environments that are a key element of the game’s unique experience.  As Twisted Pixel’s Technical Director, Frank Wilson put it . . .

“SpeedTree has allowed us to have a much greater variety of trees than we ever could have had creating them ourselves or through outsourcing on the same budget.  The easy engine integration and existing library of trees allowed us to get our outdoor environments looking lush very quickly.”

As mentioned in my recent post, “Lots of Next-Gen Titles Using SpeedTree® Announced at E3”, SpeedTree has been licensed for video game development of a dozen or so titles that were announced for the Xbox One at E3 – with an equal showing for the PS4.