After the wrap-up of the E3 conference earlier this week, all we can say is, Wow!

We knew that SpeedTree® for Games would fully support the new PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One consoles.

We knew that Bungie’s Destiny™, announced as a SpeedTree® title April 23, wouldn’t be the only game that brings SpeedTree to PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One.

E3 logo

What we were excited to learn was how many new game titles using SpeedTree were announced at the E3 conference. That’s all we can say right now, but you can be certain we are paying particular attention to the trees and plants visible in game demos at E3 last week.

At last count, there are about a dozen SpeedTree-enhanced games in the works on each console, many of them launch-day titles.

We’re seeing some particularly good deployments of our tech, too. Outstanding wind effects, brilliant use of SpeedTree Modeler, convincing forests of dense vegetation.

We can’t say more at this point, but check back for updates. We hope to have plenty of announcements out between now and Christmas!