No software is 100% bug-free, so occasionally you’re going to run into one. But invariably, it will happen right when you’re in crunch mode and absolutely need to get things done. It’s preventing you from doing something important, so of course you go looking for help.

You know the routine because it happens all too often… Emails to the support address (if you can find one) go unanswered. Contact forms on the website don’t seem to cover bug reports. Community-run forums aren’t much better in answer frequency, or the discussion will devolve into “Why do you want to do that?” or “Did you try rebooting?”

Here at SpeedTree®, things are different – we prioritize support. If you post to our forums, everyone from sales to development gets an email alert, and you’ll soon see a response.

SpeedTree Forums screen capture
Click the image above to visit the SpeedTree Forums page


Similarly, if you email us at, our entire staff receives an email alert and your message will sit in our support system queue, showing bright red until it is answered. You’ll be directly contacting the developers and artists who know SpeedTree inside and out, not a farmed-out call center following scripts.

Or, feel free to connect with us via social media. SpeedTree has added several instructional videos to our YouTube channel and are quick to respond via Twitter. Don’t forget about our pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, too.

Finally, technical support is available over the phone by calling +1-803-356-1999. Our office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

No matter which option you choose, SpeedTree has got you covered.