As more architects turn to SpeedTree® Studio/Architect for 3D visualization, we’re sharing examples of their excellent work on our new architectural gallery and recently learned about an arch viz project where SpeedTree was used for creating over 200 precisely modeled trees  . . .

When Rob Meyers, the founder & 3D Experience Designer at Visual Immersion (VI), needed a perfect tree solution to showcase an annex expansion of the famous Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, he turned to SpeedTree Studio. Originally designed by the world renowned architect Louis Kahn and expanded by the acclaimed international architect Renzo Piano, the museum includes substantial landscaping intended to enhance the approach of visitors to the center. This architectural visualization of the museum recently created by the VI Media team can be seen in the video below.

“The focus of the Kimbell Piano Pavilion expansion project media was not just on the new building, but rather the context of this building with respect to the existing site conditions. It was important that our visualization show accurately-sized and trimmed trees to allow for realistic lines of sight,” Meyers reported. “More than any product we’ve seen, SpeedTree offers the best tools for pruning and trimming trees to specific dimensions.”

For the annex expansion, existing trees on the museum property needed to be extracted and relocated. Using photographs of these trees, the VI media team was able to repurpose tree models in the SpeedTree Model Store and match characteristics of the existing trees using SpeedTree Modeler.

“SpeedTree’s GUI is consistent with 3ds Max® in many ways, which made our learning curve extremely short and allowed us to export into the familiar FBX format,” Meyers said. “SpeedTree Studio provided a seamless workflow and allowed us to visually communicate critical components of the intended museum design, to both the architects and end-client very effectively—promoting an engaging experience”.

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