cmiVFX, which makes and markets detailed tutorials for visual effects artists around the world, has developed a 2-hour, 50-minute SpeedTree® tutorial for creating digital trees and forests.

“The days of using turtle equations for the sole purpose of creating branches and leaves are all but a memory when you have access to IDV’s SpeedTree Modeler,” cmiVFX notes at the tutorial web page. “cmiVFX has been the leader in 3D forest calculations for a decade using mathematical equations for growing trees. However, the times have changed . . . thanks to IDV’s SpeedTree Modeler.”

The video, created and narrated by cmiVFX founder Chris Maynard, comprises 14 chapters and covers everything from initial tree creation to working with other apps and assets in conjunction with SpeedTree, as well as the fine points of making exotic and alien trees.

Talking about the tutorial a few days ago, Mr. Maynard asserted that SpeedTree has driven a major shift in the industry’s approach to virtual vegetation. “SpeedTree has emerged as a crucial tool in the VFX pipeline for studios large and small,” he noted, “so we see a thorough instructional video as something the industry really needs.”

You can view the four-minute tutorial introduction online here. The complete tutorial is available under various terms to cmiVFX’s subscribers, or may be bought as a standalone product for $29.95.

The tutorial is entirely the creation and property of cmiVFX, and any questions about the product should be directed to cmiVFX at

SpeedTree tutorial on cmiVFX