Add this to the long list of historic SpeedTree firsts: SpeedTree Cinema was there for the first movie shot entirely on green screen in the Philippines.

Watch the video about the making of "Tik Tik: The Aswang Chronicle"Tik Tik, The Aswang Chronicles, released on October 17, 2012, simply wouldn’t have been possible without our special effects software, according to Dave Yu, CEO of Philippines movie production firm Mothership Inc. “We could not have done our movie without SpeedTree Cinema,” said Mr. Yu. “We tried several alternatives and also hand modeling trees and vegetation. Those solutions were too difficult, slow and hard to art direct. SpeedTree Modeler is very easy to learn and our team was able to tweak the tree library to the look that we needed.”

Tik Tik, The Aswang Chronicles includes romance and terror as the hero fights with hideous, werewolf-like creatures (also computer-generated) while he strives to protect his lover and their unborn child. The movie was shot entirely in a soundstage in front of green screens, with SpeedTrees, sky and other background elements added by Mothership in post-production.

Mr. Yu offered special praise for several important SpeedTree features. “The hand drawing feature in SpeedTree Cinema is just amazing!” he said. “The interface is very artist-friendly. We were able to draw and sculpt trees based on drawings from the art department, and level of detail was easily adjusted for high resolution foreground and low resolution background trees.”

Mr. Yu added that SpeedTree’s wind function provided an essential air of realism to movie environments, and the software helped streamline the production pipeline. “We can preview shaded, textured and animated trees in real-time,” he said. “This helped speed up the process of approvals.”